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We design for pet's life

Dry, care and provide wellness to your pet. Save time in their daily care with our pet dry room.

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The world’s leading pet appliances

IZU VUUM has established itself in the market, thanks to the development of a pet care system that allows a comfortable drying of pet hair by introducing clean room technology.

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The Benefits

Reduce your pet's stress & anxiety, promote the strengthening of immune system and take care of fur and skin.

Relaxing Effect

Reduces the stress and tension of your pet, helping them to sleep.

Skin and Fur

Improve the health of skin and fur with the aroma capsule.

Immune System

Dust filter and aroma capsules strengthens immune system.

Respiratory Health

Fresh oxygen favors the elimination of waste and toxins.

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Come and let your fur babies feel the BREEZE!

Pet Care Room with Health Benefits. AVAIL NOW and let your furbabies feel the spa-like experience.

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