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About | IZU Vuum

We are IZU Vuum

IZU VUUM INC. (IVI), formerly IZU Noblelink Inc., is a PEZA registered Ecozone Export Enterprise registered in 2002. The company’s R&D and head  office is located at South Korea; whereas, the Philippine plant is dedicated in manufacturing of its products and expanding its market through export and local sales in the country.

 IVI is also engaged in manufacturing upper case assembly, cordless phone and radar detector; quality control/inspection and packaging of plastic injected parts; engaged in cell phone assembly; and assembly of power operated hanger parts and accessories.


We deliver innovation beyond imagination.


To be the employer of choice with deep commitment to quality and innovative products through multiple combination of resources and value creation by management expertise and skills of employees.

Core Values

Horizontalism, Communication, Innovation, Originality

20 years of air science technology

"Happy wind is blowing"

Based on 20 years of air science and technology, we have designed and built an air-conditioning system for the purpose of high-tech digital work environment.

Cleanroom equipment as well as air-cleaning products for dust collection, antibacterial, and deodoriztion, we have developed clean gate and outdoor smoking rooms that are capable of preventing infections from diseases. With those technologies, we have created a Pet Dry Room for a happy life with pets.


All of our products are produced through a long period of air science and technology and a perfect craftsmanship.

We will prepare the future together with our customers.

Thank you for your continuous interest and trust in us. IZU VUUM INC. in fact is our Philippine plant under the technology and expertise of HNC, which have made efforts in the construction of high-tech production environment and various business executions has been grown and developed with the interests of our customers. 

We have realized that creation of company's value comes from customers' satisfaction or further cheers not only from business activities. We will not be satisfied with current achievement, but we will listen to the voices of the customers for better product and service in order to provide happiness to the customers. We will create the communication space between humans and technology with the mind of gaining customer confidence as the basic philosophy.

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