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Technical Dry + Premium Care System

Quick dry of three-dimensional air circulation structure and premium wellness SPA gives you valuable time with daily care.


3D air circulation detailed dry


Anion, infrared Aroma Therapy

PTC Filter

Safe design as no over-temperature

Dust Filter

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Eco Energy

Efficient use of energy by reuse of heated air

Premium Care

Daily Care helps health and mental with Premium companion animal care system.

Infrared LED + Anion Care

For dry or every day special care

  • Skin Care
  • Improvement of hair quality
  • Stress release

Not only pleasant dry but also healthy daily care with PopPet's special color therapy that helps your pet improve hair quality and skin health.Not only pleasant dry but also healthy daily care with PopPet's special color therapy that helps your pet improv

Vuumpet Care Package

Oxygen care + Aroma care for healthier mind and body

Oxygen Care
A solid oxygen cartridge that produces a cleaner, fresher air, removes nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde from the air, and eliminates waste and toxins in the body to help boost physical strength and boost immunity.

Aroma Care

Aroma Care, which makes your pet's body and mental healthier, has sterilization and deodorizing effect, improves skin and respiration, improves insomnia and relieves headache.

you can use oxygen + aroma therapy with care package

Air Circulation Technology

Through technically designed air flow that is optimized for the dry pet's posture, the wind in the room dries quickly and comfortably through the hair of your pet sitting inside the drier room.

15 minutes after a daily walk

Remove the outside dust with easy air shower

Do not wipe out dust or other waste with wet tissue from your pet or shake in the house. Do the 'Air Shower’ with PopPet Dry Room. Please use it many times every day to take care of your pets with love.

15 minutes Quick Dry

The Vuumpet Dry Room is designed by analyzing the posture of the pet when it is seated.  It is able to do detailed dry for your pets.

Dry time test by kind

3kg Maltese: 15min
5kg Poodle:
8kg Welsh Corgi:

Collection function

Dry without worrying about the hair flowing in the house

It has a collection function that brings together hair and dust that flies during dry and air-shower for easy cleaning even after use.

50dB Low Noise

Stress-free dry with low noise

The noise inside the mini dry room is 50dB, which is 'the lowest in the world out of dry room' Lower than normal indoor noise, allowing companion animals to enjoy a comfortable dry time.

Less Burden on electric bill

Low Power consumption for everyday use

The vuumpet dry room uses only about 60% of the rated power consumption by applying an air circulation energy system that reuses the heated air which used.

Technical Specifications

The details and some of the description of the product you need to know

Vuumpet Gallery

Here are the photos you can check for the actual picture of the products

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